Founder's Story


Nothing brings us more joy than when a customer tries our product for the first time and says: "Wow!" or "This stuff is incredible!"  Shea BODYWORKS is in the business of creating customer experiences. We create products that help to address dry skin woes. Let our moisturizing products love on your skin the way it deserves to be loved. 

 Mother Knows Best

No, I'm not a traditional chemist, but I am a kitchen chemist. My love for natural oils and butters developed during my childhood. As a young child, I was badly burned on my face and chest. Refusing conventional medical treatment provided by doctors, my mother miraculously healed me with her very own mixture of natural oils, butters, and gels. She tirelessly bathed me in her remedies blessed by Mother Nature and over time, my skin healed better than any skin-graph any doctor could have ever performed.

History Repeats Itself

Now over forty years later, my mother’s tried, and true conglomerations of natural butters and oils have continued to thrive through Shea BODYWORKS' product line. Shea BODYWORKS line was created as a result of my daughter experiencing severely dehydrated and dry skin. 

My daughter was a die-hard gymnast. Gymnastics caused her to experience severely dry, dull, rough, and dehydrated skin on both the hands and feet. After many years, the skin condition became chronic. She tried every skincare product specifically made for this condition to no avail. Nothing seemed to penetrate and moisturize her skin back to its original elasticity and suppleness. 

As my mother did before me, I began using raw, unrefined Shea Butter with a mixture of my favorite organic oils and essential oils, to create a moisturizer for the entire body. Within a week of using the butter I formulated, my daughter’s skin transformed into skin that was deeply moisturized, supple, polished, and soft. Her skin glowed...she glowed! Amazed with the results, I began to share my butter with family and friends and the positive feedback I received left me elated.

It is with much gratitude that I have now embarked on a journey to share these skin care products with the world. My daughter, Lisa, has been my source of inspiration throughout the entire process and for that I am eternally grateful. When you use Shea BODYWORKS, you can rest assured that every aspect of the production of this line was made with complete love and care, for my deepest wish is for everyone to shine...both inside and out!

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