Timeless Beauty Tips and Tricks

2020 taught us how important it is to have a beauty back-up plan. As we all know, last year the beauty industry went through a difficult time. It seems like every big box and beauty-cosmetics store had sold out of all of our favorite beauty and skin care items. Women from all over were panicking and wondering how they would cope without their normal skin products, access to their hair stylist, and nail spa technicians. Due to our customers not having access to products, we received tons of emails regarding product recommendations and alternatives.

Unfortunately, Saidah the founder of Shea BODYWORKS was unable to reply to all the emails and DM's, so she created a private Facebook group to meet the needs of her customers. Saidah came up with a novel idea that involved helping customers to create their own DIY skin care products using items found in their kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and the fruit and vegetable section of the grocery store. Thanks to Facebook Live and Zoom, She was able to bring the DIY classes to life. One of the favorite virtual sessions was how to make a Green Tea Antioxidant face mask using Matcha powder, honey and hot water. The participants were amazed at the way their skin felt after using the mask and marveled at using food to create skin care products. With the excitement of creating DIY skin care products, people were wanting more tips. Saidah  recommended pre-cut Brow Shapers, Asia exfoliating towels which could be used sans a scrub, Pumpkin Seed oil as a face wash for acne prone skin...and the list goes on and on. 

If you missed out on the Facebook or Zoom classes, no worries. Saidah has made it easy for you to review the products mention during the virtual classes by putting together a product recommendation list with the help of Amazon. She believes that these items are timeless, and should be in every beauty/skin care toolbox. If you are interested in any of the items, click the item and you will be directed to Amazon to learn more or purchase.


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